Saturday, 13 October 2007

Another celebratory story

Britain's civil partnership law, which came into effect in December 2005, has, in its first year of operation, enabled more than 16,000 gay & lesbian couples to effectively marry.

That's more than 16,000 couples who have pledged their love and commitment to each other - couples who, prior to the legislation's introduction, were legally regarded as second-class citizens.

One day, hopefully, Australia will join the ranks of enlightened countries.

Marriage on the increase!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has some interesting data about marriages in Australia during 2006 - marriage is on the up and up!

"In 2006, there were 114,222 registered marriages, an increase of 4,899 (4.5%) from 2005. This is the highest number of registrations since 1999 ... In 2006, marriages performed by civil celebrants again outnumbered marriages performed by ministers of religion. ... By 2006, this proportion had increased to 61.3%" (of all marriages)

There's also data about the age at which couples are marrying, where they were born and whether they cohabited prior to marriage. Interesting stuff.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

University-trained celebrants

Update: 19-Aug-2012

Unfortunately, the Grad. Dip in Civil Ceremonies course is no longer offered at Monash University. However, Monash-trained Marriage & General Celebrants are still available to assist you with your ceremony. See below for a link to the CCGA website.

Did you know that Monash University trains Civil Celebrants? There is a large number of providers offering training for Civil Celebrants but Monash University actually offers a Graduate Diploma in Civil Ceremonies. At the end of this course, Monash Celebrants graduate with a well-rounded understanding of the place of ritual and ceremony in today's society.

According to Monash's website, "Students acquire an understanding of the history and cultural variety of rites of passage as practised in the Australian community. They learn to use music and literature creatively in ceremony, to identify the emotional, legal and ethical aspects of rites of passage, and to develop the skill to respond sensitively to the needs of their clients. In summary, the curriculum prepares graduates to practise as professional, confident and successful celebrants."

As a Monash graduate, I can vouch for the quality of training provided! If you're interested in locating a Monash graduate to celebrate your special occasion, visit the Civil Celebrants Graduate Association (Monash) and you'll find a fantastic array of Celebrants to choose from.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

1000 Civil Unions – milestone achieved in NZ

A celebratory story from New Zealand - 1000 Civil Unions have been registered in that country since the introduction of the Civil Union Act on 26th April 2005.