Monday, 17 September 2012

Becoming a Marriage Celebrant

Since the Australian Government changed the rules for becoming an authorised Marriage Celebrant, the number of such Celebrants has increased exponentially, from about 3,000 to 13,000 (approximate figures).

If that doesn't worry you, and you're keen to enter the world of Marriage Celebrancy, then your first stop should be the website of the Attorney-General, specifically the page that has all the up-to-date information about becoming a celebrant.

On this page you'll find background information about being a Marriage Celebrant, with some facts & figures that may give you cause to reconsider, information about required qualifications and the application process.

If you have decided that this path is for you ... Good Luck!

Eternity by Aileen Guirnela

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Celebrants Online welcomes ...

Celebrants Online welcomes ... Tracey Patterson, CMC

Tracey Patterson - Daylesford Civil Marriage Celebrant
Tracey loves her job as a Marriage & General Celebrant & travels throughout Central Victoria to celebrate Ceremonies. The Daylesford / Hepburn region is Tracey's home base, but she is happy to travel to your Ceremony location.

For more information about Tracey and the services she offers, view her profile on Celebrants Online.

Marriage equality videos

Came across this blog post a few days back, 'The ten best marriage equality videos from around the world'.

Videos from Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the US speak eloquently about love, commitment, relationship, and family. Whether you have an opinion on this topic or not, why not take a few minutes to view one or two (or all!) of the videos. It surely can't hurt.

Source - ABC News website

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Robbie Fincham - Featured Marriage Celebrant

Based in Melbourne's outer east, servicing Melbourne metro, the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley region
2012 Gold Rose Celebrant & Secretary of the Civil Celebrations Network, Inc.

Hi, I'm Roberta, but everyone calls me 'Robbie'.
I'd never considered a career in celebrancy until my Father passed away 6 years ago. I found it extremely gratifying working with the funeral celebrant in the planning of his funeral. It was one of those 'lightning bolt' moments when I just knew that celebrancy was the meaningful career I had been looking for all my life. I have never looked back.

A wedding ceremony still holds the excitement, optimism and wonder today, as it always has. To be asked to be a part of this special event in a couple's lives, is indeed an honour. I can honestly say I just 'LOVE' meeting with couples and families and helping them plan their ceremony; one that tells their story, their hopes and dreams.

Robbie Fincham, CMC with Jessica & Shane at Chateau Wyuna
I listen carefully to my couples so I understand what's important to them. My aim is to translate their wishes into the 'ceremony of their dreams'.

The marriage ceremony marks an important rite of passage; moving from single to married. It has the potential to be a very powerful occasion. It shouldn't be just a few obligatory words thrown together before the reception party. Paying attention to all the little details can turn an ordinary ceremony into an extraordinary one.

There is no particular ceremony I've officiated at which stands out in my mind, as all ceremonies have been memorable in their own way. They were created with joy and pleasure and reflect the people for whom they were written. It is my endeavour, for every couple that entrusts me with facilitating their wedding ceremony, to exceed their expectations.
Robbie Fincham, CMC with Michelle & Darren at Healesville
To all my couples; past, present and future, I say 'Thank You' for allowing me the privilege of sharing this significant day in your lives.
Robbie Fincham, CMC with Kristy & Luke at Coldstream

Monday, 10 September 2012

Marriage = COURAGE

Sometimes getting married takes courage. Inter-faith, mixed race, same-sex, & disabled-able bodied couples often face obstacles to their relationships. In many of these situations, couples have to dig deep and tap in to their internal reserves of resilience, personal strength and courage.

In Srebrenica, an inter-faith couple has done just that. Almir Salihovic & Ducisa Rendulic have been a couple since mid 2010. Since getting together they've been blessed with a son, Jusuf.

What's unusual about this couple is that Almir is Bosnian Muslim and Ducisa is Serb-Croat Catholic. In a country riven by ethnic and religious hatred in the 1990's during the Bosnian War, inter-faith marriage has virtually died out.

Before the War, inter-faith marriages made up about 33% of all marriages in the country. After the war, in which Serbian soldiers slaughtered the male Muslim population of Srebrenica, the collective psyche just couldn't stomach inter-faith marriage. There was too much simmering hatred, too much pain, too much grief.

But now, 17 years after the war ended, a young couple is ready to test the waters. In announcing their pending wedding, Almir & Ducisa are putting themselves out there. They're risking social isolation, retribution, employment difficulties and worse. But they're willing to give it a go - for each other and for their son.

Now, that's what I call 'COURAGE'! Read more about Ducisa & Almir here.

Almir Salihovic, Ducisa Rendulic & Jusuf                 Source

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Celebrants Online welcomes ...

Celebrants Online welcomes ... Andrea Campbell, CMC & Melissa Fahey, CMC

Andrea is a Marriage Celebrant based on the stunning Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. She is a vibrant, young celebrant who can assist you in creating your dream wedding ceremony, committment, naming or renewal of vows ceremony.

View Andrea Campbell's Celebrants Online profile here.

Based in Newport, Melissa provides a ceremony service throughout Melbourne & suburbs. Getting to know a couple or family in order to provide a unique, personalised wedding, commitment or naming ceremony, is just a part of what Melissa does.

For further information, view Melissa Fahey's Celebrants Online profile.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Marriage celebrant matters

The Department of the Attorney-General, Marriage Law & Celebrants Section has produced a newsletter for Marriage Celebrants, Marriage celebrant matters.

In this first edition of the newsletter, Marriage Celebrants will find information about:
  • Reforms to the Marriage Celebrants Program
  • New resources for Marriage Celebrants
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Outcome of the last CoCA meeting
  • New Guidelines on the Marriage Act 1961 for Marriage Celebrants
  • FAQs

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Celebrants Online welcomes ...

Celebrants Online welcomes ... Gail Nagel

Gail is a Marriage Celebrant & Justice of the Peace based in the beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW.

Appointed in 2004, Gail travels throughout Sydney and farther afield to celebrate ceremonies. For further information, view Gail's profile on Celebrants Online.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Location, location, location

I'm obviously a wimp at heart. I read this story and thought, "Why would you do it?" Although, I can (sort of) understand with Bob & Antonie - both are fit, avid climbers and climbing seems to run through their veins and those of other family members. So, it was a challenge, but it was also significant in that it was where Bob proposed to Antonie. And the wedding photos ARE stunning!

But what's with this craze about trashing your wedding dress by having your wedding photos taken in dangerous locations and potentially deadly circumstances. I truly can't understand that! And Maria Pantazopoulos' family and friends and recently bereaved husband are probably questioning the craze too. Ms Pantazopoulos drowned while participating in a shoot at Dorwin Falls, north of Montreal.

Read what 'M' at Style Sizzle has to say. She sums it up pretty well I think.

Floating dress by Aaron Barker from Flickr Creative Commons

Monday, 3 September 2012

Same sex marriage in Tas & NZ?

It's looking increasingly likely that both Tasmania & New Zealand will soon be legislating in favour of same-sex marriage.

In NZ, the Marriage Equality Bill passed its first reading in Parliament by 80 votes to 40. Prime Minister John Keys expects debate to be "quite ferocious" despite the early, easy win. The Bill has now been sent to a select committee to take public submissions

In Tasmania, the Same-Sex Marriage Bill, 2012 has successfully passed its first major challenge, winning passage through the Lower House on a vote of 13 to 11. With Parliament in recess for 3 weeks, the Bill must wait to be put to a vote in the Upper House. While not assured of safe passage through the Upper House, Premier Lara Giddings and other supporters are hopeful that it will pass.

And, in Northern Ireland the Alliance Party's ruling council has spoken out in favour of allowing same-sex civil marriage, while in Scotland, robust discussion on this same topic has been occurring over the past 6 months. And with Scotland's Parliament resuming after the summer break, and with a marriage equality bill on the table, it looks increasingly likely that Scotland will be the UK forerunner in legislating for same-sex marriage.

France is also joining the same-sex marriage party, where it's Parliament will soon be considering a marriage equality bill to be introduced by the Prime Minister & supported by the President.
by Michael Daddino from Flickr Creative Commons

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Relationship preparation for couples

Family Relationships Online is an initiative of the Australian Government. The website is a place where families - whether together or separated - can find information and advice about relationships and associated issues.

Whether it's pre-marriage education, communication, building trust, dispute resolution or parenting issues, there are links to external agency websites, government websites and general information that will assist.

Pre-marriage education is an important part of family relationships education. Having some sort of idea about what you're getting yourself in to is probably a good idea for both parties. Some of the major issues that pre-marriage education may deal with are:
  • finances
  • children
  • religious beliefs
  • family issues
  • conflict management
Having some idea of your partner's thoughts and stance in these areas is vitally important prior to actually getting married! An interesting article in the Straits Times shows that marriage preparation eudcation is taken seriously by many couples in Singapore.