Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Civil Celebrants in Hong Kong

Interesting to note that the notion and practice of authorising & using Civil Celebrants is increasing rapidly in a variety of countries. A January 16 press release from the HK Government announced the appointment of 34 new Marriage Celebrants, bringing to 1,439 the number of Celebrants appointed since mid-April 2006. It's great to read that, with the introduction of Civil Celebrants, the number of civil marriages has taken off - couples are making the most of the opportunity to celebrate a Civil Ceremony.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Levels of connectedness

I've spent today at a professional learning session with Will Richardson. Will is a charismatic and inspirational educator and advocate for using technology in a wholly integrated fashion in learning & teaching & living.

While I attended this PL session wearing my hats of Teacher Librarian & Head of IT Faculty, rather than my Celebrants Online hat, there is much in what Will talked and writes about that could be well-utilised by Celebrants.

Many of us network via email & face-to-face contact through our professional associations. But there is a huge world, with enormous potential, just waiting for us to network - with other Celebrants and all involved in the business of ceremony and with potential clients.

Are you on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr? Do you have a blog that you post to on a regular basis? These are just some of the amazing Web-based tools that enable you to network with the world at large. In creating an effective web presence you will be increasing your opportunities for learning, sharing, and growing as a technological person and as a Celebrant.