Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Celebrants Online welcomes ...

Since the start of the Celebrants Online websites renewal process at the beginning of December '08, it's been my pleasure to welcome many Celebrants to the 'family'. Listed below are the recent additions to the websites. Please click on the links to view each celebrant's full profile.

Celebrants Online
John Whitford - North Central Victoria
Lesley Baker-Hames - Western Australia
Peter D. Raymond - Melbourne eastern suburbs
Pete & Olga Brown - Western Australia
Carol Dale - Melbourne southern suburbs
Richard Lawley - South Australia
Cheryl Griffin - Mornington Peninsula
Bev Krzyzanowski - Melbourne eastern suburbs
MaryAnne Sterling - Melbourne western suburbs
Kristina Visser - Central Victoria
Caroline Vergura - Melbourne southern suburbs
Mary Rose Hookey - Yarra Valley / Healesville / High Country
Josephine Katona - Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula
Emma Davey - Tasmania
NSWCelebrants Online
Nicole Celeban - Sydney western suburbs
Francine O'Brien - NSW Hunter Region
Alan Whitehead - NSW Blue Mountains
QLDCelebrants OnlinePamela Nair - Brisbane
Andrew Sinclair - Brisbane
Peta Fryer - Bundaberg
Candy Barta - Gold Coast
Sandy Samson - Brisbane
Terry Rundell - Bundaberg

Best laid plans ...

It's hard to believe that my last post was back in July last year. This past month and a half has been flat-chat with the subscription renewal process for Celebrants Online, NSWCelebrants Online & QLDCelebrants Online.

And it's back to school tomorrow, so my email response rate may slow down a little as I leap in to what promises to be a very busy school year.

Back in July I started the process of uploading celebrant photos on to Flickr, as I saw that as another way of promoting Celebrants with a value-add service. Despite having let the project slide, I still believe that, so will aim to get back on track with it.

A new year resolution ... every endeavour will be made to update the blog with an item of interest on a weekly basis. Let's see how I go. :)