Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Location, location, location

I'm obviously a wimp at heart. I read this story and thought, "Why would you do it?" Although, I can (sort of) understand with Bob & Antonie - both are fit, avid climbers and climbing seems to run through their veins and those of other family members. So, it was a challenge, but it was also significant in that it was where Bob proposed to Antonie. And the wedding photos ARE stunning!

But what's with this craze about trashing your wedding dress by having your wedding photos taken in dangerous locations and potentially deadly circumstances. I truly can't understand that! And Maria Pantazopoulos' family and friends and recently bereaved husband are probably questioning the craze too. Ms Pantazopoulos drowned while participating in a shoot at Dorwin Falls, north of Montreal.

Read what 'M' at Style Sizzle has to say. She sums it up pretty well I think.

Floating dress by Aaron Barker from Flickr Creative Commons

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