Monday, 10 September 2012

Marriage = COURAGE

Sometimes getting married takes courage. Inter-faith, mixed race, same-sex, & disabled-able bodied couples often face obstacles to their relationships. In many of these situations, couples have to dig deep and tap in to their internal reserves of resilience, personal strength and courage.

In Srebrenica, an inter-faith couple has done just that. Almir Salihovic & Ducisa Rendulic have been a couple since mid 2010. Since getting together they've been blessed with a son, Jusuf.

What's unusual about this couple is that Almir is Bosnian Muslim and Ducisa is Serb-Croat Catholic. In a country riven by ethnic and religious hatred in the 1990's during the Bosnian War, inter-faith marriage has virtually died out.

Before the War, inter-faith marriages made up about 33% of all marriages in the country. After the war, in which Serbian soldiers slaughtered the male Muslim population of Srebrenica, the collective psyche just couldn't stomach inter-faith marriage. There was too much simmering hatred, too much pain, too much grief.

But now, 17 years after the war ended, a young couple is ready to test the waters. In announcing their pending wedding, Almir & Ducisa are putting themselves out there. They're risking social isolation, retribution, employment difficulties and worse. But they're willing to give it a go - for each other and for their son.

Now, that's what I call 'COURAGE'! Read more about Ducisa & Almir here.

Almir Salihovic, Ducisa Rendulic & Jusuf                 Source

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