Thursday, 2 August 2012

Suzanne Katz - Featured Marriage Celebrant

Melbourne Marriage Celebrant ~ Canterbury Wedding Celebrant

I have been a celebrant for five years and love writing personal scripts, to celebrate the different stories told to me by my brides and grooms.

I'm keen to have every wedding special enough to reflect the people most closely concerned.  I especially love the stories of the proposals and the funny glitches, as they add a personal magic to the scripts

As a garden guide in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, I like to weave in an analogy of how a good marriage is like a satisfying garden - full of different colour and foliage, much like all the experiences and traditions couples bring to their relationship and that they are different month to month, year to year and always a work in progress.

In the 3rd photo, my daughter, Georgia Puttock [husband, Tobie is a celebrity chef!] actually turned up as a guest at a wedding for which I was the celebrant!!! A coincidence!

Suzanne Katz, CMC ~ Kim & Stephen's wedding, Botanic Gardens, May 2012

Suzanne Katz, CMC ~ Natasha & Dougal, Parliament House Gardens, Apr. 2012

Tobie & Georgia Puttock with Suzanne Katz, CMC
Suzanne Katz, CMC ~ Sally & Brad's wedding, Lake House Daylesford, Dec. 2011

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