Monday, 3 March 2014

Destination Weddings - To Be or Not To Be?

So, you've decided to get married in Bali, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand, Noumea ..... insert your destination here.  It'll be your dream wedding: bright blue sky, palm trees swaying, crystal clear sea gently lapping as you and your beau stand on the gleaming white sand and exchange vows.

But wait! What's wrong with this picture? Oh yes ... the guests.

Choosing an overseas destination for your wedding opens up a huge can of worms and can create all sorts of problems with family & friends. You will have valid reasons for choosing the location - it may be to tie in with a honeymoon, it may be that that has been your dream since you were tiny, it may be that family is spread out across the world and you've chosen what you think is a central location.

But have you thought about the expense involved for your family & friends?

Flights, accommodation, living expenses, use of annual leave or leave without pay ... all can add up to be a pretty costly endeavour. Your closest friends and nearest and dearest want to be with you as you celebrate such an important milestone so, when choosing the destination bride and groom should talk about what you might need to do to make it a reality for those you love. How much of the cost can you / are you willing to contribute? Can you set up some technological solution so those who really can't be with you in person on the day can still be a part of the occasion?

Talk with your family & friends well before-hand. Find out what they think about it. Ask them what you can do to make it a reality. This is such an important occasion. Do whatever you can to enable your loved ones to be with you. But be prepared for some knockbacks. Understand that not everyone can take leave at the drop of a hat. Realise that plans for annual leave may have already been made and can't be changed. Know that not everyone has the ability to save hundreds or thousands of $$, even when given plenty of notice. Perhaps you can have a relaxed, informal party when you return home and relive the occasion via your videos and photos?

Above all, be realistic about what you are planning and what you are asking of your potential guests.

Wedding trellis with twin palm trees by Captain Skyhawk / CC from Flickr