Thursday, 20 September 2007

Your Marriage Certificate

Just over two years ago the Attorney-General released a new marriage certificate - the Form 15 marriage certificate - that has increased security features, including special inks and a unique number. Read about the certificate here.

You can see a sample copy of the certificate here.

Info from the A-G's website:
"When you get married, your marriage celebrant prepares three certificates of marriage.
All three certificates contain the details of your marriage and you and your witnesses will be required to sign all three certificates. They are:
  • the certificate retained by the marriage celebrant for their records;
  • the certificate that will be forwarded to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the registration of your marriage; and
  • the certificate that you will be given as your record of the marriage."
Remember that the certificate you receive is evidence of your change in marital status. it is not a proof of identity document and, in some cases, will not be accepted as such.

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