Sunday, 19 January 2014

Marriage Celebrant Code of Practice

Did you know that Marriage Celebrants have a recognised Code of Practice under which they operate?

The Code is a 3-page document with 6 sections covering:
  1. To whom the Code applies
  2. High service standard expectations
  3. Recognition of the significance of Marriage
  4. Compliance with the Marriage Act and related laws
  5. General requirements of Marriage Celebrants
  6. Knowledge & understanding of Family Relationships Services
 This Code outlines the expected behaviour, community standing and appropriate practice of the Marriage Celebrant in relation to conducting your Marriage Ceremony.

Your Marriage Celebrant will give you a copy of the Code of Practice. This ensures that you are aware of the level of service you can expect from your Celebrant.

The above is a revision of an article originally posted on 18-Sep-2007.
Marriage Celebrant Code of Practice
Pg. 1 of the Marriage Celebrant Code of Practice