Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Notice of Intended Marriage - NOIM

Your Marriage Celebrant can assist you in filling out the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form. Completing this form is part of the legal requirements of getting married in Australia.

You need to give this completed form to the Marriage Celebrant who will conduct your wedding. This can be done up to 18 months before your wedding and at least one month before the ceremony. The information included on the form is used by the Registrar of Marriages to register your marriage. Non-identifying information on the form is also used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics when it generates statistics on marriage and family life in Australia.

The Marriage Celebrant must sight official evidence of the date & place of birth of both the bride & groom. There is a section on the form where the Marriage Celebrant indicates they have sighted your official identification documentation or a statutory declaration.

The form has 4 pages and can be completed online and printed out to be witnessed and signed by the Marriage Celebrant or an authorised witness.

Your Marriage Celebrant will have a copy of this form to give you, but you can also follow the link above to download a pdf copy from the website of the Attorney-General.

The above is a revision of an article originally posted on 19-Sep-2007.
Marriage Celebrant form - NOIM
Front page of the Notice of Intended Marriage form