Saturday, 25 January 2014

Wedding trends? Really?

I loved reading Pip Doyle's article on Daily Life commenting on six new wedding ideas or trends that may be big in 2014. The ideas were originally proposed by Simone Hill in her post on The Knot.

I read Simone's post first and my reactions were as follows:
1. What the? - Living table numbers
2. OMG, that doesn't look too safe! - Suspended wedding cakes
3. Mmm, nice. - Multiple engagement rings
4. Like that, the colours look beautiful! - Prickly centrepieces
5. Where are the chairs for the oldies? - Picnic-style receptions
6. You've got to be kidding! - Pretty phone charging stations

Then I read Pip's commentary and laughed out loud. Her very down-to-earth style and spot-on thoughts highlight the inanity of some of these potential 'trends'.

For the life of me, I can't see why any bride or groom who is dreaming of a unique, personal, individual ceremony and reception would blindly follow trends. Why follow the crowd? Is that original? Or unique? Does it really speak to the life and personality of the bridal couple? I don't think so.
Wedding trends for 2014
Should we follow trends? by CALLit-ringo