Sunday, 16 February 2014

Get Married for $36,200?

Wow, do you have a spare $36,200 to devote to your wedding day?  Apparently, that's what it'll take to get yourselves hitched! At least, according to the latest data from ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. ASIC's data comes from 400 online responses to a survey it ran on its MoneySmart website in December 2013.

Check out the infographic here at Lifehacker. You'll see that, apparently, couples spend about $18,000 on catering, almost $4,000 on photography and almost $3,000 on flowers.

So, where does your actual Ceremony fit in to this picture? At just over $900, that's where. And I'm guessing that figure includes photocopying your order of service and other minor expenses, as well as your Celebrant.

Your Celebrant is the one who celebrates your ceremony, lodges the paperwork and ensures that you are legally married. Without that involvement you aren't actually married! All the rest - $35,000 worth - is really just a party. Pretty expensive party if you ask me.