Thursday, 6 February 2014

Getting Married in Shortened Time

Australian law says that you can get married a month after lodging a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form with a Marriage Celebrant. Sometimes though, a couple may need to get married sooner than that. Is that possible?

Yes, indeed. There are some circumstances for which an exception may be made. In each of these cases an application for shortening may be filed - with the Prescribed Authority - for consideration. The 5 circumstances are:
  • employment related or other travel commitments

  • wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations

  • medical reasons

  • legal proceedings, or

  • an error in giving notice
The above are the only situations in which consideration may be given to shortening the one month notice period. There's no guarantee that a shortening will be granted, so couples should never bank on their application receiving automatic approval. You can see the type of situations that may be considered here on the Australian Government ComLaw website.

Click here for the official Application to shorten period of notice of intent to marry.