Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Inter-caste Marriage

In many western countries the marriage issue that garners the most press is that of marriage equality or same-sex marriage. But in many other countries there are other marriage issues that concern young and old. I came across this article by Prayas Raj Koirala about inter-caste marriage.

From a Times of India article on inter-caste marriage
In India, many of the arguments against inter-caste marriage sound similar to those against same-sex marriage:
  • - against tradition
  • - break down the family / society
  • - sinful
  • - disrespectful to one's family

It's interesting to learn of the struggles faced by others throughout the world in relation to getting married. We might like to think that marriage is a personal act but Prayas and the Times of India article remind us of the social and political elements tied up in this ceremonial act.